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We have established following plans / procedures / regulations to ensure quality.

- Sanitary control procedures and documented records regarding raw materials, ingredients, semi-   finished/finished products and whole production process
- SSOP (Sanitary Standard Operation Procedure), relative documented records and carrying out   effectively throughout production, to ensure that the following are under control
  - Water
  - Product Contacts
  - Cross-Contamination
  - Insects and Pests
- HACCP System, related records and continuous monitoring on CCP for key procedures
- Control procedure for substandard products in order to identify, dispose, and trace back them   properly
- Regulations on production marking, quality tracing, production recalling to ensure that products can   be recalled in time when problem of quality, safety and/or sanitary occurs
- Management and maintenance regulations for production machineries and facilities to ensure they   can satisfy production requirements
- Employee training plan and relative documentary records to ensure workers at every quarter can   accomplish their works expertly
- Internal audit plan, to validate and audit the sanitary and quality control system by HACCP team   when necessary or once per year regularly
- Regulations on collecting, filing and keeping the relative documents and records regarding sanitary   and quality status and reasons. All records must be actual, exact and clear and be kept properly by   special persons.
- Prevention methods and control procedures of deviation rectification for critical control procedures to   ensure they can recover to be under control soonest when deviation occurs.




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